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We specialize in independent and advertising-related filmmaking,
bringing depth, artistry and originality to our own brand of storytelling.

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Specializing in both independent and advertising-related filmmaking, we pride ourselves on productions that are rooted in truth and authenticity. Rather than riding the trend of the day, we approach each project with a creative focus that brings depth, artistry and originality to our brand of storytelling.

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Our latest short, “Just Breathe”, was originally conceived for a small audience. Little did we know it would go viral and get the recognition it has thus far received. First Mindful Schools uploaded it onto YouTube and put it on their Facebook page. Then, Mindfulness pioneer Jon Kabat-Zinn tweeted it. Oprah’s producers saw his tweet then licensed it for broadcast in April 2015 after her interview with Kabat-Zinn on Super Soul Sunday. Huffington Post and Upworthy featured it, as did Amy Poehler’s “Smart Girls” blog and several other blogs/websites. Recently some kind stranger translated it into Spanish and uploaded it to YouTube where it has received nearly half a million hits in less than one month. This has all been a huge and wonderful surprise and frankly, we are thrilled.


We've been big fans of cargo bikes ever since we first saw them in Europe a few years ago, and we've been waiting to find an Ameri...

Just Breathe

A short film we made with our friends at Citizens of the World Mar Vista Charter School, "Just Breathe" features kids sp...

A MAD(libs) SUMMER — Expedia

We carved a spec spot out of a film we made for our son's preschool because, well...you'll see....

Time & Tide (trailer)

"Time & Tide" began in April 2000 upon reading an article about how the South Pacific nation of Tuvalu signed a deal...

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About Wavecrest Films

Julie and Josh are storytellers. Their own story, and the spirit of their work, is driven by the power of vivid, creative filmmaking. Both self-taught photographers and avid environmentalists, they have combined their unique talents and experiences in film and video to pursue projects that give voice and visibility to the true stories of others. As co-directors and creative partners, they strive to craft distinct productions that tap into the issues of today, and the emotions of today’s audiences.

The team

Julie Bayer

Julie Bayer


A lover of powerful stories with rich imagery, Julie spent the first part of her career gaining a solid understanding of the nuts and bolts of commercial production. For over ten years, she produced and oversaw countless commercial campaigns for others before moving into writing and directing projects of her own.

She and her partner, Josh Salzman, made their directorial debut with “Time & Tide”, a documentary about the impact of globalization and global warming on the tiny South Pacific nation of Tuvalu. The film garnered numerous film festival awards, screened internationally, and was broadcast in the US on PBS.

These days she bounces around (sometimes quite literally) from writing screenplays to developing commercial projects to directing shorts. When she’s not working, you can usually find her wandering in the hills, camera in hand and dogs in tow; biking around town in pursuit of the perfect croissant; or just at home digging in the dirt. She puts a tremendous amount of heart and soul into everything she does, and believes that the joy and beauty of filmmaking (and life, really) lies as much in creative collaboration as in the actual work itself.

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Josh Salzman

Josh Salzman


At an early age, Josh was at home with either a paint brush or drawing implement in hand. When he was introduced to still photography in high school his life was forever changed. He eventually made his way into filmmaking and fell in love with the documentary form, which paved the way for his career in celluloid and digital imagery.

Josh now bounces back and forth between the high profile world of commercial production and the documentary world. He has lensed several successful commercial campaigns for companies including Ford, Bank of America, Pepsi, Intel, Sprint, and Nokia. He shoots for several acclaimed documentary filmmakers such as Stacy Peralta (“Dogtown and Z-Boys”), Steve James (“Hoop Dreams”, “Life Itself”), David Gelb (“Jiro Dreams of Sushi”) and Jessica Yu (“In the Realms of the Unreal”, “Last Call at the Oasis”).

Josh’s rare position straddling the two seemingly incongruous worlds of documentary storytelling and commercial filmmaking has provided him with an invaluable approach to image making. His sensitivity for the story, combined with a keen eye for natural beauty and skilled hand in the craft of shaping light and color, help to create Josh’s unique blend of rich and immediate visuals.

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