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At Wavecrest Films, we have one mission: to create content that makes a positive social impact. It’s that simple. We consciously seek out brands, organizations and individuals who share our passion for spreading goodness around the globe.

Our speciality is creative, soulful storytelling – great nuggets of content that inspire audiences, move ideas forward and make a positive contribution to the media landscape. There’s enough noise already; we don’t care to add to it. We do, however, care about the messages we’re putting out there, and so we choose our projects carefully.

Whether we’re making films for clients directly, offering production services for foreign clients, or creating original works of our own, we put our heart and soul into all we do, and we love doing it!


Hi, Friends –

Welcome to a new year!

We are feeling extremely grateful for so many things right now, it’s hard to know where to begin. The past two years have been humbling, to say the least. We were out of work for a large chunk of it; our kids were at home, remote-learning, until just this past September; our family expanded when we became legal guardians to an amazing young man; Julie’s mom successfully went through chemotherapy; and on and on and on it went…one challenge after another. And while that was all happening, we still had a slew of good times, lots of laughs, and heart-expanding moments that we’ll never forget. (One pass through iPhone photos says it all!)

Now, we are more than ready to get back to work (thank you, Science)!  Our next project is the 4th film in our series of Mindful Shorts, following “Just Breathe”, “Release”, and “Into Light”. Tentatively entitled “Re-Imagine”, it will focus on young adults ages 18-25 who have experienced various types of trauma.

To start, we are partnering with Sandy and Lonnie Phillips of Survivors Empowered, interviewing people who are using mindfulness to help themselves heal from the horror of gun violence.  We will be expanding the casting net over time to find other trauma survivors with a mindfulness practice, so if you or someone you know might be interested in participating in this project, please reach out to us.

After Trauma, will come the 5th film (on Addiction), and the 6th and final film, on Grief, thus completing a series of short films that expands a lifetime, and shows how mindfulness helps people of all ages navigate the very real and very difficult task of being human.

In other news: Our years of traveling and collecting imagery, objects and whatnot along the way have resulted in some truly unique works of art. Check out our studio on Etsy to see what we’ve been up to, and maybe find a cool gift for someone you love this holiday season: https://www.etsy.com/shop/WavecrestFilmsStudio

Be well, everyone. And be kind. Let’s all work on being better humans. The Earth is demanding it of us.

Warm wishes,

Julie & Josh

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